I’m fortunate enough to be pretty well travelled. I love to travel the world and experience new sights, cultures, activities; I have huge wanderlust and am keen to try everything once. I live for travel and it is almost unknown for Karen not to have a “next holiday” always on the go! 
Yet It feels weird, to me, that my little (male) mini me (OK, OK, I’m the eldest but he’s bigger) is quite literally on the other side of the world right now. We don’t always talk often or see each other tonnes, but now that he’s the other side of the world embarking on fabulous travels, he seems so completely unreachable. Which of course, he isn’t, yet he just seems SO far away.

Just 18 months ago my husband and I were also in New Zealand on part of our round-the-world honeymoon adventure. Mini didn’t seem so far away then. I guess because I was with my husband and not alone like him. I think he is incredibly brave. Although, and I know he doesn’t always think it thanks to his own mental health (depression with anxiety; alternate to me), he is by far the better “Luck child” of the late 1980’s/early 1990’s at meeting, engaging and befriending people!

This blog has no real purpose other than to to wish Mini the safest of travels and the best of fun before he finally enters the real world of “adult” (says sissy who has just retired 😂!) xxx